Ohm Beads Leprechaun.

Ohm Leprechaun Top o' the morning to you from Ohm Beads. Capturing this little shoemaker for your bracelet might just earn you three wishes or a pot of gold. The elusive little leprechaun is said to hold a pot of gold for any fortunate soul able to catch him. Unfortunately thanks to a natural aptitude for magic, these tiny sprites can vanish in an instant should you take your eyes off them. After all they have busy daily lives, cobbling shoes for elves until night time falls whereupon they participate in grand feasts and drink copious amounts of alcohol. Occasionally they may be glimpsed making their drunken way home on the back of a friendly neighborhood sheep or dog. For those lucky enough to share their home with leprechauns, they're known to help with daily tasks and chores, particularly in return for small articles of furniture or decoration with which to adorn their own dwellings. Leprechauns have been part of Irish lore and are beloved around the globe. This mischievous little sprite would make a fantastic addition to any bracelet. Let him guard your charms as judiciously as his own precious treasure. Leprechauns can symbolize good luck, laughter, dreams, cunning, mischief, solitude, and humor. Shamrocks are a sacred plant in ancient Ireland and symbolize rebirth, faith, love hope, respect, wealth, love, luck, and Irish pride and heritage. In Catholicism the three leaves symbolize the Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) and if found the extra lucky fourth leaf represents God’s grace. The Ohm Beads Leprechaun is seen mirthfully clutching his pot of gold bars. A three leaf clover in vibrant green enamel perches neatly into his hat. The intricate attention to detail is a signature of Ohm that we are proud of. The green in his shamrock hat is just enough to give you the essence of the Emerald Isle making him a perfect addition to any colorway of bracelet. Perhaps he'll bring a daily dose of fortune when given a home on your wrist.

Compatible with Pandora and Trollbeads.


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