carta fedeltà 5+1

The rules of our 5 + 1 FIDELITY CARD:

  • If you buy 6 beads (in more orders) you will receive a refund (of one bead) of the maximum value of € 34 including VAT (€ 27.87 without VAT)
  • If you buy 6 beads (in one order) you will be refunded the value of the cheapest bead.

Example: if you buy 6 beads of € 100 each, you will receive a refund of € 100.

The loyalty card does not expire, it is valid for all the following brands:

  • Midgard
  • Tedora
  • Redbalifrog
  • Aurora Charm
  • Elfbeads

For ELFBEADS the loyalty card is 4+1 free. The bead with the lower value will be refunded, valid only in a single order.

The loyalty card cannot be combined with other offers.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us !!!

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